Getting Sh1t Done

*These are the leverage points on other human beings in order of ascendance:*

1. Threats - If you don't do it there will be bad consequences for you eg I'll leave you, You'll get punished or lose your job.

2. Treats - If you do it I'll give you a reward eg a bonus, an ice-cream, time to do what you want, a promotion, a bonus (more money)

3. Show the System - Tell someone how it works and why they should do what is necessary. This is our strategy and this is your part in its delivery. NB often reinforced with 1. and 2.

4. See the System - Facilitated - See Do It Naturally - the empowerment that comes from seeing a system! The risk is that some individuals don't like what they see and the implication that they hadn't seen it before!


Question Template

Draw a CLD and wait for curiosity (Gene B)

Act systemically and wait for curiosity (my dad) - Be the Model yourself

Feel the System (the 3 systems)

*Donella Meadows talked about leverage points in "the system out there" what I call system 3. What about systems 1 and 2?*

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