Kerry's recordings

# Presentations

VIMEO 886624862 Kerry's presentation at DisruptHR Birmingham

YOUTUBE J8VbQkVD6YU January 2024 SCiO Open Meeting presentation

YOUTUBE y4s7_LuUzeU Interview with Jon Twigge of Potentialisation

YOUTUBE sKcKGaeB5m0 Climate Change: A Catalyst for Human Emergence

VIMEO 576764595 ISSS Conference 2021 - See the Systems


# Training Sessions

YOUTUBE BIpE11MBrho Recording of my webinar "Mapping System Dynamics" 9 March 2021.

VIMEO 576754363 ISSS Conference 2021 - Mapping System Dynamics

VIMEO 789751972 Kerry Turner introduces Chris Casillas to causal loop modeling.

YOUTUBE F43F04lFHvo Complexity weekend Facilitator Interview with Daniel Friedman

VIMEO 907687368 Presentation to SLOW Group 28012024

YOUTUBE 03ohHLAfotE Talk Shop Webinar: Systems Thinking for Children