How to CLD

I am in the process of developing an online wiki resource (constantly updating "book") to share my learning from 40 years of using causal loop diagrams (CLDs) and other "cave drawings" to add value in organisations.

Life emerges in circles...

It is not only about developing causal loop diagrams but a whole range of systems thinking tools and, most importantly, their use to design better experiments (interventions.)

This is multi-media with videos and models as well as words. There is also the capacity to take the resource and make it your own and add your own experiences. I am very excited for the potential.

Here is the work in progress: CLD wiki

This wiki is an open source. It is the product of over 40 years experience in this field. I ask that users commit to paying forward by seeing one, doing one and teaching one. See SODOTO.

We also ask that you commit to providing constructive feedback. It is only through campfire conversations that any cave drawing comes to life!

We ask that after reading and using the content you consider what it is worth to you and provide a donation to us via xxxxxxxxx. This will help to cover our living expenses and any excess will be used to fund future developments.

Kerry and Marc are available to give in-person and online workshops and mentorship.

Contact: Kerry: Marc: